Introducing Daydream Tesserae Designs

“Prior to a formal education and professional work in the arts, daydreaming served as the initial function of art for me, creating a mental world that had everything I needed and a place where I could express wordless emotions.

Fast-forward to junior year of college... and I'm staring up in awe at an expanse of mosaic scenes, portraits, and patterns decorating St. Mark's Basilica in Venice. The ceilings were created by fragments of stone, or 'tesserae', of primary colors, arranged to give the illusion of form. Each plain rock, when orchestrated in its fitting place, illustrated a heaven. I knew in that moment, that concept would be important to me as a metaphor for human purpose and an allowance to continue an art practice piece by piece, however humble.” -Stephanie Snee

About the Artist:

Snee is a painter and illustrator based out of the collaborative artist studios known as Location1980 in Costa Mesa, California. Prior to her newest art endeavor, Snee ran B Minus Studios in Santa Ana for several years and had a varied art practice of: curating art shows, designing digital freelance projects, painting commissions, murals, teaching art lessons, and decorating cakes and luxury desserts.

Through this site, you may enjoy fine art and illustrations on every day goods, or inquire about a custom job or original painting.